A unique program that allows you to create a balanced investment portfolio consisting of fixed-term deposits that generate regular monthly yields and dividend products that entitle you to receive unlimited annual income. Annual income is received from activities and performance of the European financial service.

Funds placed in the investment account allow the investor to receive a monthly yield in EURO, accrued according to the "compound interest" formula, including on the balance of previously accrued and not declared for withdrawal interest. Flexible conditions of the program allow the investor to replenish his account at will and gradually increase his personal capital. The term of the offer is limited to 12 and 24 months (extension of contracts is available)

At the moment of registration of the investment product, the investor gets the PSN-tokens, possession of which gives the investor the right to receive annual dividends from the "PaysUnion. Bank 2.0". Tokens are transferred on the terms of leverage, available for redemption in any tranches during the validity period of the investment offer. Dividends are accrued on the paid part of PSN-tokens.
Program rates
Min down payment
€ 10 000
12 и 24 мес
Investment offer term
32,04% annual
On the average monthly balance
Profitability calculator